Internship Application:

Hey There! Thanks for showing interest in our Internship requirement. We appreciate the time and effort you take in filling up this simple form in advance.

Job Description & Our Expectations from the candidate.

1. The Role requires python & R Interns, who can solve complex problems in the Modeling space(General Machine Learning, NLP & Computer Vision).

2. You will be provided 3 distinct responsibilities or asked to contribute for any one of these 3 as deemed fit. ( Creating unique learning content for our clients & Users, contributing to the building of our in house AI Product, & building rapport with our Customers on a regular basis).

3. Knowledge on how to use Git & Github would also be required at times [ if you have no prior knowledge, no worries we can teach you. We love teaching! 🙂 ]

4. You will be asked to learn atleast 1 new programming language or Statistical concept from time to time. Which should be applied once again on job. We will help you with learning resources as necessary.

5. You would need to dedicate a minimum of 2-4 hours every day (timings are flexible. You can choose to work at your own convenience) depending on the amount of work you need to cover.

6. Excellent writing & communication skills in English is a requirement for most of our Job positions. However, if your programming skills outshine your communication skills by leaps & bounds we would still be very interested in working with you. 🙂

7. There is no need for you to come visit us in person, this is an entirely remote work requirement.

8. You could feel free to refer your friends by sending them to this page. We would love to see a close knit group of DT Interns who are already comfortable working with each other.

Please Note: This is an unpaid internship that runs for a minimum of 1 month from when you join. You must specify the number of months you are willing to learn with us in advance so that we can plan your experience accordingly.

Successful completion of the Learning path and outcome, we will reward you with a completion certificate.

We wish to to talk to you soon. Start filling up the form now!